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This work was part of my study for „Lights, Camera, Render!“ – a course taught by Octane expert David Ariew at School of Motion.

The main goal of this task was to design slow and controlled camera movements around the characters. Below that, the characters themselves should be posed and ultimately the whole scene should be illuminated in an interesting way. The result serves as a kind of title opener for a fictional tv series.

I really enjoyed the task, which is why I also created all the forest scenes including snowy weather and animated the characters in slow-motion.


Frame Ant


Lighting, Animation, Rendering, Art Direction, Scene building,
Cinematography, Post-production, Editing, Editing Audiotrack


Models and textures of characters & spaceship: School of Motion
Songs: „Epic Trailer Choir“ by Walperion_Music, from Pond5,
„Scary Fluttering And Gasps“ by aquaeyes, from Pond5