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Film & Fantasy

Well, here I want to show you some short sequences that could be part of a movie or short film. I’d love to do some short films as passion projects in the future. There are many stories in my head that I’d like to tell and show. Until then, here are a few snippets.



Concept, Scene building, Animation, Simulation,
Lighting, Rendering, Postproduktion, Sounddesign


Invasion: Models and textures of characters & spaceship: School of Motion
Songs: „Epic Trailer Choir“ by Walperion_Music, from Pond5,
„Scary Fluttering And Gasps“ by aquaeyes, from Pond5

The Lane: models of Jet and Jeep by School of Motion


This work was part of my study for „Lights, Camera, Render!“ – a course taught by Octane expert David Ariew at School of Motion.

The main goal of this task was to design slow and controlled camera movements around the characters. Below that, the characters themselves should be posed and ultimately the whole scene should be illuminated in an interesting way. The result serves as a kind of title opener for a fictional tv series.

The Lane

This scene was created while I was studying cinematography in a class at the School of Motion. The main goals were to create contrasts and to find a suitable composition and lighting.
When Maxon recently released the new pyro simulation, I immediately tried out the new tool and set the jet on fire.

Video abspielen

Early versions of this scene

This is the viewport render. The final scene was quite intense to render due to the pyro simulation and the many high-resolution textures. Render optimization was therefore really important.

By the way, there is a special texture on the left building. As you can see, the surfaces of the model in the viewport are actually totally flat. The greeble texture then creates this complex structure.

Video abspielen


Just a space scene. Please fix this satellite!
The globe is made in After Effects with ORB. A cool free plugin from Video Copilot.

The Skeleton - Le Transi de Rene de Chalon

This statue exists in a church in France. It was scanned and now remains immortalized in the digital world. It represents René de Chalon, who himself wished to be represented after his death as a skeleton with scraps of skin and his heart in his hand. At least that’s what rumors say.

Anyway, the statue inspired me. It seems somehow alive despite his appearance. A boundary between alive and dead. The skin dissolves and the skeleton is holding on to something that keeps it alive. I wanted to take up this topic and expand it. In my version, the skeleton is enlightened, redeemed, and hopefully it finds peace in eternity, if you can say so.

Video abspielen

The original rendering was actually a lot darker. In post-production I then started experimenting with different styles and finally settled on a quite light version. I liked the contrast between the dark topic (death and evanescence) and the bright, divine light. Here’s the dark original and some different versions.


Well. It started with a simple cloth simulation and I can’t remember exactly how that led to this scene. I suddenly had an image in my head of a porcelain woman, wrapped in fabric. She is empowered and levitating, but at the same time she is trapped and awaiting release. It is therefore not possible to say exactly whether she was enslaved or whether she is rightfully chained.

Video abspielen