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Product shots

The good thing about the CG product shot is the control you have as an art director. Dynamic simulations have become very realistic these days and I really enjoy working with them. A good eye for detail and the technical know-how of studio lighting are important for a realistic look.


Frame Ant


Scene building, Design, Illustration, Simulation, Animation,
Lighting, Rendering, Postproduktion, Sounddesign


Ginger Fizz Song: Slow Energy by YRP, Pond5

Ginger Fizz

Ginger Fizz is a fictional product. A sparkling lemonade made with ginger, lemon and a hint of mint. The shot is intended as a product launch in which the beverage can is gradually revealed.
My focus here was on the water simulation. I wanted to capture the freshness of the drink and present it as realistically as possible.

Video abspielen
Video abspielen

Bamboo Headphones

The popular original version of these headphones comes in all styles and colors but not real bamboo. It’s really a pity, because natural materials definitely belong back in the product designs of this world. Sustainability and appreciation instead of plastic flood. That is the statement behind this visualization.


I love strawberries. Best ripe and fresh from the field. But cravings aside. I always admire the extremely realistic product shots that you see in advertising. Sometimes you’re not so sure what’s real and what’s not. I wanted to emulate that and have created a light and fluffy dessert with strawberry, chocolate and almond milk. A yogurt maybe?

Video abspielen
Video abspielen
Video abspielen

Fruity Dynamics

Physics meets design. After returning to 3D, I wanted to refresh my knowledge of dynamic simulations. That’s why I dressed some fruits colorfully and exposed them to gravity – among other things.